Rebel Penguin Launches a Bonus Code Review Website

Earlier this month, Rebel Penguin launched in cooperation with Bahn Group, their newest creation. We are welcoming , and we hope you like it. have negotiated the best bonus codes for the biggest bookmakers and casinos on the market. Through detailed reviews, we highlight the pros and cons for each provider, and provide the readers with some of the best bonus codes on the market – take for example the bet365 bonus code review.
Visit the site, read our reviews, pick up the bonus codes, and you are ready to play.

June 2016

Rebel Penguin ApS has made a deal to do adwords directly for three of the biggest bookmakers in the market.

Rebel Penguin ApS has also relaunched the website The site addresses all football fans and offer a wide range of news, betting tips and the best odds in the business.
It has been a long journey to get the site ready, but we are very proud of the way it has turned out, and look forward to see it grow in the future. The sky’s the limit.

Our websites, our babies

We take a lot of pride in our websites.
We have worked hard to make them as perfect as possible
for your experience. We hope you will enjoy!

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What we do – the magic of Rebel Penguin

From an idea formed late at night to astonishing pages for your benefit.
We aim to please and we try harder everyday to make this the best experience you´ve ever had.
Let´s get ready to rumble!


Whenever we do a new partnership we do it with intention to be long-time partners. We want to marry you, and we want the marriage to last lifetime. This gives both partners the highest value.


Being based in Copenhagen, Denmark, Rebel Penguin operates under Danish law. We know that the affiliate marketing- and gambling industry have their shares of bad apples where e.g. marketing ethics is not always valued. We are not one of them. We are one of the good guys.


We are at the absolute top list when it comes to delivering results to bookmakers and casinos. Some of the biggest players in the industry have us as top five partners. We drive traffic and players in big numbers.


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