Technology Driven Performance Marketing #wearerebelpenguin

Technology Driven Performance Marketing #wearerebelpenguin

What we do



From an idea formed late at night to astonishing websites and campaigns for the benefit of our users and customers! We have earned our stripes in the iGaming industry and stand tall as emperor penguins. We aim to please and are proud to be at the forefront of lead generation. Join us if you want to be a king penguin as well.



The Rebel Penguin Agency team is defined by an academic yet hands-on approach to all things online. We are the generation which grew up side by side with the internet and as such we are the original first-movers, who eventually will be the last ones to remember the world before the web.
We specialize in SEM/PPC, Social Media, SEO and Permission Marketing.

Us & our values

Long term partnerships

Whenever we form a new partnership we do it with intention of becoming long-time partners. We want to marry you, and we want the marriage to last a lifetime. This gives both partners the highest value.


Being based in Copenhagen, Denmark, Rebel Penguin operates under Danish law. We know that the affiliate marketing and gambling industries have their shares of bad apples where marketing ethics are not always valued. We are not one of them. We are one of the good guys.

Strong results

We are at the absolute top of the list when it comes to delivering results to bookmakers and casinos. Some of the biggest players in the industry have us as one of their top five partners. We drive traffic and players in big numbers.



NDC Growth Q1-2017 on Q1-2016




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Rebel Penguin HQ

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