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SEM/Google AdWords

Search, Display, Shopping, Remarketing and Youtube.
SEM is one of the strongest products in our portfolio.
We combine expert technical knowledge and execution in this field, with proprietary technology which automates and manages our marketing campaigns, giving us a decisive competitive edge.


SEO: on AND off-page

SEO might not always be the immediate choice of channel, with its effect being less visible and more long-term compared to other channels. But ranking, real-estate and the effect on SEM are still important nonetheless as part of a bigger strategy.

social media


As a channel fully able to stand on its own, Facebook is not only a great tool for pushing content, engaging with consumers and gathering intelligence. The direct and indirect creation of leads and sales is also an effect of advertising on Facebook.

Permission marketing


Centered on SMS and e-mail campaigns, this channel excels in reaching non-targeted traffic through customer engagement, advanced retention programs, and the ability to push all types of marketing content in a very flexible, fast-paced and adjustable manner.
A strong tool for engaging customers based on precise segmenting.

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